Friday, March 4, 2011

Choose a cone.

My horoscope, which I do not read, by the way! It just so happens to be next to the comics in the paper, that's all, said:

Scorpio: You can't please everyone but you can follow through with your ideas and plans, bringing you the success and happiness you deserve.

Hmm. Verrrrry interesting. I read that one out loud to the husband before he left for work. Because if it suits me, I read them out loud, not that I read them, mind you. But if I don't like them, or they are dumb, I ignore them.

So I read it to him, and he said, "So, are you going to register for the FSOT today, or what?" He's very direct, that one. Very to the point.

And I said, "Well, I would need to choose a cone, wouldn't I? I mean I can't register without deciding on the cone that would fit me best, right? What cone do you think would be best for me?"

He looked at me, grabbed his briefcase and said, "Definitely chocolate. The chocolate waffle cone." Very funny. And true.

So, what career track do you think would most fit me? Management, Economic, Consular, Political or Public Dipolacy? Where's the Crazycakes Housewife Taximom Cone?

I am just imagining the What made you want to be an FSO question… "well, my husband actually wanted to be one, I really didn't at first, then I did, then I didn't, then, you see I have this blog, and some people suggested it, and it grew on me…"


FSO Hopeful said...

As a fellow Scorpio I give a slight not to Consular over Management.

mama puffin said...

Well, I would just offer that you might consider which cone gives you the best chance of getting in (if that is your top goal). B(currently a Specialist) chose Mgmt when he took the FS exam as he understood it to have the least number of candidates on the register (and it is a broad job description that he feels will offer a variety of work). Also, don't dismiss applying as a Specialist....they are members of the FS family too. Email us offline and I am sure B has some suggestions for you.

Consular Hopeful said...

Consular seems like it might fit you well!

Daniela Swider said...

I personally think Public Diplomacy is the best cone but if your husband gets in PD it will make it difficult to place both of you. Another thing to consider is that there are consular jobs at every post but some of the other cones do not have jobs at every post (PD, for example does not).

Also important, what do you like?

Donna said...

Can you find out how many people are on the register by cone? Because you might want to pick the cone with the least number of competitors, as Mama Puffin said. When I took it, PD was quickly becoming the most popular cone. Don't know if that's still the case, though.

Bryn said...

consular seems to be the one cone they pull the most from....just a thought.

Anonymous said...

As a non-Consular Officer serving in a Consular tour, I think the advice to pick the cone that is easiest to get into is unwise. Both Management and Consular cones, while written off as the easiest to get into, are some of the hardest, highest stakes/stress, and most important jobs at a mission. Consular work is physically and emotionally draining sometimes-- it's not really the kind of job you take just to get overseas.

People will sell you on the fact that we are generalists and your cone doesn't matter, but at the end of the day it does. To be promoted as a Consular Officer, you have to serve Consular tours, especially to stay up to date with changes in all the systems, laws, and other applicable changes.

Erica said...

My husband chose management (we are now at our 1st post in Brazil) because with management, you don't have the pressure to "specialize" in a particular region. All the cones, though different, seem like very exciting work, in my humble opinion. It's a crazy time right now, I know the State Dept. hires in waves. Good luck!

fsowannabe said...

Did you ever take the test? Best of luck!