Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FSOT tomorrow? No way.

Hi! Long time, eh?
You thought I'd been eaten by wolves, right?

Sliced to bits by three crazed squirrels?

Dragged off to the woods in the jaws of a cute but dangerous chipmunk?


Just living life.

The kids are having fun. Playing and learning to be nice people. Boy scouts, Daisy scouts, soccer players, gymnasts, fencers, trombone players, violinists, neighborhood friends and funsters. The pool is open. 

Here's some reality for you. I take the FSOT tomorrow. SHUT UP! I do too. I haven't studied at all. SHUT UP! I have not. I swear. Taking it blind. The best way to learn is by taking it, right?

My husband is taking it again on Friday. SHUT UP! We stopped counting how many times this is… He also hasn't studied. We are, the pair of us, flying by the seats of our pants. 

But that's ok, we have a house, a yard, connections, here. We have a life and happy kids. We have squirrels and woodpeckers and Adirondack chairs. My husband's already on that damn register twice. If we both fail, we know we already have it good.


Camille said...

I thought you were dead! Welcome back :)

Best of luck on the test!

Nomads By Nature said...

My guess was that the ninja squirrels got you. Glad to know it isn't true! Best of luck on the new testing, and super congrats on being happy exactly where you are at. It is the key to success whether you are in the FS or not.

Shannon said...

Good luck, hopefully knowing you have it good already will help keep you relaxed. Oh and Adirondack Chiars...HEAVEN!

Smallbits said...

You're back!!! Good luck on the tests. Your home there sounds divine though.

Kate said...

Boa sorte!

fsowannabe said...

Good luck!

Destinaish Unknown said...

Good idear!!! What cone did you choose?

Bfiles said...

well alright! was just wondering where you'd gone. good luck tomorrow! but also, you're happy! that's great.