Saturday, August 13, 2011


Don't know that acronym? Well it's not related to the State Dept, that's why.

My dear little (big) boy started with a zit on his cheek. I thought, "Well, he is turning 11, I guess this starts happening now, pimples."

But it got bigger, and meaner and redder. And harder inside, after only a few days. I thought, "Oh man, he's got a bad one."

Then he said he had a spot on his index finger that hurt. And it got a pimple on it.

Fingers don't get zits.

Both developed quickly into boils that looked terrible, even after using warm compresses.

The doctor did a swab, put him on antibiotics and sent us home. The sore got way worse, like, horror show. The culture would take a few days to grow and each day, B got worse and worse. His finger was swollen and red and oozing. He got a third spot on his leg. He couldn't sleep, he was crying out in pain at night for three nights. We went to the doctor several times. We got tylenol with codeine for the pain. Finally the culture came back saying that he tested positive for MRSA. That's the kind of bacteria that doesn't respond to certain antibiotics. The CA means community acquired, as opposed to hospital acquired. The oral antibiotic was switched to one that would kick the crap out of this bacteria, a topical antibiotic was prescribed as well.

After a few days, B is finally doing better. whew.

He spent his 11th birthday at the doctor's office, changing bandages, oozing pus, (ewww) getting a shot, and yes, playing too many video games. Because I have mother's guilt. My poor kid.

What a way to spend a birthday.