Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yup, I'm still here!

I know, you thought I was living it up on the beaches of, oh, I don't know, California or Florida, but, I'm not. And I'm not gone from bloggy-land forever.

Here's all the "excitement" you missed. You missed me, right? Shh, don't answer that.

  1. We are still in snowy-snow land.
  2. I had a bit of a tough time approaching the big 4-0.
  3. I turned 40 and, guess what? Everything didn't implode.
  4. Two of my kids are WAAAYYY into gymnastics, between them we are at the gym every damn day.
  5. Gymnastics is not cheap.
  6. Middle school has been great for my oldest kid. He auditioned for and made the jazz band.
  7. My husband is a Cubmaster. That is not a position held at the local zoo. It involves dealing with excited, incredibly energetic kids and sometimes unreasonable psychotic parents. Fun.
  8. Being the Cubmaster takes a lot of time. Cubmaster's wife gets no respect.
  9. My husband is still on the register for the PD cone, but too low to get called without a language.
  10. Learning a language is not cheap and takes a lot of time. So we aren't doing that route now.
  11. He takes the OA again in about a month. Come on big score.
  12. Nobody knows about OA attempt #3. (Except you.) Not his family, not mine. Not our kids. (Feel special??)
That should get things started for now. I've got to get in the habit again. Get the pixels flowing.