Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Me? Take the test?

Thanks a lot for the kind comments about the new 'do.

I'm enjoying it. And I think my husband is enjoying seeing (and accessing) my neck. Oh, gasp, shock!!  tsk, tsk.

Quiet, y'all. We're married and it's snowed 17,000 inches this winter. We have to do something to keep us busy.

Ok. Moving on.

A few people have sent me messages that maybe I might consider taking the FSOT. I initially thought, "what? What?! WHAT??? No way! NO!! WAY!!! NO WAY!!" Then I thought, "I couldn't pass, could I? Or could I? Maybe I could? What would that mean? Could we both be in the FS? Because that would be way different than what we were envisioning before, me being an EFM."And I might be insane, but I am considering it.
Because this is the perfect time:

  1. The FS pay is possibly getting cut.
  2. The danger is increasing. Middle East, helllllo?
  3. I have no real training. Architecture? Art? Teaching? Please don't put gluestick in the Nescafe.
  4. My son is a semi-finalist to get a full scholarship into a swanky, expensive prep school.
  5. I stink at Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit games. 
  6. My husband is currently on the register twice and I freaked out about not being sure the lifestyle was a good idea. Hello, schizophrenia?
So, maybe I'm just crazycakes. But I'm thinking about it.


Shannon said...

Sound like it is a perfect fit! Good luck on the test.

Nomads By Nature said...


I'll Take Mine... said...

But Shannon-don't wish me luck-- I'm still thinking about it--and scared!! Why are you so convinced it's a perfect fit? eek!

I'll Take Mine... said...

Thanks, Nomads! But again, still pondering my level of insanity. Plus I really do question if I even have a shot.

SassAndSweet said...

Go for it!!!

l.b. said...

Dude. My degree is in Art History and I got in the FS. You can do it!!

Digger said...

Don't "think about it." Just do it. Worst case scenario is that you have an additional option. Passing doesn't mean you have to take the job if offered it.

And for what it is worth, I was an MOH (same-sex EFM without any of the benefits) before I joined the service. I decided life would be better as a tandem couple. Seven years later, I am still happy with the decision.

So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Just hang in there, It'll happen. The lifestyle is what you make it. There are some cons but the pros makes it all worthwhile. My little ones are on there second foreign language. The pay is not great, but there are a lot of opportunities.

Bfiles said...

very interesting turn of events! I have no doubt that you could do it, if you decide to!

Daniela Swider said...

Nothing to think about - just try it. It's a free test. What's the worst thing that could happen? You may pass - how "bad" is that? Best of luck!!!

Noble Glomads said...

:) You can do it. Options are good.

Bryn said...

I thought about doing it too, but it's just not the right time. Thankfully, we got stationed to a post that has jobs especially for EFM's and I was able to secure one of those.

Either way, it'd be a good experience for you. You might even surprise yourself!

Bryan said...

You have absolutely nothing to lose. As someone that has been through it, I can tell you that walking in the door to the FSOT you are more qualified than at least half the people that show up (at least here in the DC area where I took it). You are under no obligation to go further if you pass, you only get charged the $50 if you don't show up after registering.

I say go for it, all you have to lose is a few hours.


Destinaish Unknown said...

Whoever put this crackpot idear in your head is a genius!!!!! ;-)

Shannon said...

Actually just from reading your blog you struggle with all the same issues as the rest of us. I think you fit right in. My husband asks why don't you or your husband look at trying to go in as a specialist then do the mustang program if the FS is something you/he really want?