Friday, March 4, 2011

Choose a cone.

My horoscope, which I do not read, by the way! It just so happens to be next to the comics in the paper, that's all, said:

Scorpio: You can't please everyone but you can follow through with your ideas and plans, bringing you the success and happiness you deserve.

Hmm. Verrrrry interesting. I read that one out loud to the husband before he left for work. Because if it suits me, I read them out loud, not that I read them, mind you. But if I don't like them, or they are dumb, I ignore them.

So I read it to him, and he said, "So, are you going to register for the FSOT today, or what?" He's very direct, that one. Very to the point.

And I said, "Well, I would need to choose a cone, wouldn't I? I mean I can't register without deciding on the cone that would fit me best, right? What cone do you think would be best for me?"

He looked at me, grabbed his briefcase and said, "Definitely chocolate. The chocolate waffle cone." Very funny. And true.

So, what career track do you think would most fit me? Management, Economic, Consular, Political or Public Dipolacy? Where's the Crazycakes Housewife Taximom Cone?

I am just imagining the What made you want to be an FSO question… "well, my husband actually wanted to be one, I really didn't at first, then I did, then I didn't, then, you see I have this blog, and some people suggested it, and it grew on me…"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Me? Take the test?

Thanks a lot for the kind comments about the new 'do.

I'm enjoying it. And I think my husband is enjoying seeing (and accessing) my neck. Oh, gasp, shock!!  tsk, tsk.

Quiet, y'all. We're married and it's snowed 17,000 inches this winter. We have to do something to keep us busy.

Ok. Moving on.

A few people have sent me messages that maybe I might consider taking the FSOT. I initially thought, "what? What?! WHAT??? No way! NO!! WAY!!! NO WAY!!" Then I thought, "I couldn't pass, could I? Or could I? Maybe I could? What would that mean? Could we both be in the FS? Because that would be way different than what we were envisioning before, me being an EFM."And I might be insane, but I am considering it.
Because this is the perfect time:

  1. The FS pay is possibly getting cut.
  2. The danger is increasing. Middle East, helllllo?
  3. I have no real training. Architecture? Art? Teaching? Please don't put gluestick in the Nescafe.
  4. My son is a semi-finalist to get a full scholarship into a swanky, expensive prep school.
  5. I stink at Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit games. 
  6. My husband is currently on the register twice and I freaked out about not being sure the lifestyle was a good idea. Hello, schizophrenia?
So, maybe I'm just crazycakes. But I'm thinking about it.