Tuesday, November 9, 2010

J- to the -O- to the -B

Do you remember me saying that my husband was applying for another (better) job locally?

He was offered the job today. (Yee-haw!)
This is not my husband.
My husband is bald. And not so spring-chicken-y.
They want him to start on the same day he has his OA. Funny, he won't be able to make it that first day of work because he's got a "previous engagement."

So, given the choice between the new job and the FS, which would win?
FS, hands down.
Sorry new job.
The name plate on the door better be put on with sticky-tack.

My family LOVES the Sticky-tack.
It even holds my iPod touch on the dashboard of my car. (10 yr old's idea)
It looks like a gob of chewed gum. We're fancy like that. 


Chica333 said...

Awesome! Nice to have some good news while you await the really great news. Sticky tack is the way to go. Your husband is lucky to have so much support. Doesn't the FS always win?

Daniela Swider said...

So happy your husband found a better job! It will make the wait for the FS easier. Hopefully it won't be much longer...

Becky said...

Congrats! Hopfully it'll ease some of the stress.

Camille said...


Also, the Ipod thing with the sticky tack - GENIUS. I've been trying to figure something out for that forever! Tell your ten year old thank you for me :)

Shannon said...

YAY! It is hard to remember that life does go on when you are waiting on the FS but it does. I am so happy for your husband and you of course. You need to celebrate.

And I need more sticky tack! Brilliant! No more sliding ipod in the car.

Donna said...

Congratulations! Options are always good.

Crystal said...

Congratulations and have missed following your continuing adventure : ) I will pop in from time to time, just busy! I am now looking for Sticky Tack on Amazon ; ) Have a great weekend~

Anonymous said...

This, by the way, is exactly why State undertook "shortening" the process of joining the FS. Supposedly too many very qualified candidates were being lost to industry while going through clearances, the register etc. But I'm guessing that with the registers so swollen currently, no one is giving it much thought.
Congratulations again!

Bfiles said...

hooray! Congratulations to your husband!

Alex said...

That's excellent news -- congrats! (And good timing too... it must be nice to know he wont have the OA hanging over his head when he starts.)

Emily said...

That is fabulous! I love the sticky tack idea. Ten year olds are absolutely brilliant!