Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Waterfalls and roller coasters

This past weekend we hiked to a waterfall near our house.

While there, I recognized the surgeon who did my knee surgery a few years ago. I'm sure he was happy to see me out hiking on my strong and healthy knee.

Happy kids, hiking. We also saw a couple of hang-gliders. So cool! We got to talk to the pilots and the kids want to try that out. Um, I think we'll hold off for a while. 

We also went to an amusement park with water slides and roller coasters and other fun rides.

There were many opportunities to SCREAM!!! And laugh. There was some complaining. But we will focus on the laughing. And screaming. The above photo, that's my husband and 6 yr-old in the back whooping it up.

Eight more days until school starts. But who's counting? Ok. ME! I am totally counting. 

I hope my daughter C gets rid of the shiner she got 4 days ago. She's a toughie, playing with all the boys and their friends. The rainbow of blues, blacks, yellows and greens on her eyelid are very pretty. But her new teacher doesn't need to see that side of her beauty just yet.

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