Friday, August 27, 2010

A year ago...

A year ago (today) was my husband's last day as an editor at the newspaper where he worked. Or as my dear, late, grandfather used to call it, "the paragraph factory."

Our year-long health insurance ends and we've been living without dental insurance for the year already. We just floss the teeth we want to keep.

No, actually, we can now get medical and dental ins. through my husband's current employer. Because losing our insurance counts as a "qualifying event."

I am trying to be positive. But a list of things that bug me keeps gathering in my head. It starts like this:

Things that are STUPID:

1. Insurance companies
2. Explanation of benefits sheets - EOB
3. Dogs that eat toilet paper rolls
4. Mosquitos
5. Cable companies/Internet service providers/Phone company customer service
6. The stupid register (it gets a double stupid)
7. The bikes hanging from the ceiling in my garage that I hit my head on
8. Migraines

Um, that'll do for now.

Things that are SMART:
1. My husband and kids (Awww.)
2. Fresh raspberry pie.
3. Walks in the woods.
4. Monarch butterfly caterpillars and milkweed
5. Label-makers
6. Coffee
7. Needlenose pliers
8. Dental floss.

I'm stretching. Time to go.

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