Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just another uninsured American family?

As a family of five, we have times of getting sick, needing stitches, getting pneumonia and breaking bones. It just happens. Six year old C was playing "ball tag" (where you can be tagged "it" by being hit with a ball) with five older boys and caught an elbow to the eye. She's totally fine. But it reminds me that having healthcare is something we really need.

Our health insurance expired at the end of August.

Today is September. What a difference a day makes.

We are signed up, I think, for a new policy through my husband's employer. But we have no ID cards. Nothing. It's probably in the mail.

Yeah, right. I hope.

It amazes me. My husband and I both thought the FS would have happened by now. Now he's hoping to be invited to the OA for a second time for a chance to increase his score. Because it looks like the initial score of 5.4 isn't going to cut it. He's also pursuing another (non-FS) job.

Hopefully no more ball tag until we figure out this insurance situation though.


jamieschip said...

Emily, man we are twins. Our family went almost a month without health insurance in January. Scared the crap out of me.

As far as FS goes, we are also in the same boat. Jake is now probably in the low 80s out of 205. CRAZY! Quite a few 5.57s made it to the March class, now 5.8, maybe 5.7 is about as low as the POL register is dropping. We are waiting to hear about the OA as well. Jake thinks he should hear in the next week or two (if last year was any indication.) Of course I'm glad it all worked out the way it did because of our circumstances. Now, though, we are needing to make some big decisions in the next few months, and hopefully FS is on the list of decisions to make. Crossing our fingers he goes to DC, then passes the OA, gets on the Con register, gets an invite to the January or February A-100. All in a dream world, right? We know this journey all too well.

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm riding along with you, commiserating. Thanks for writing those sweet comments while I was in the hospital and recovering. It meant a lot. I'm doing great. Just praying it doesn't ever come back! Take care.

Daniela Swider said...

Hey, Emily, I also wanted to say we too have been there. And yes, it is scary - a result of a series of lay-offs and Florida's dismal economy in our case. We were trying to get pregnant when we lost our insurance and we had to forget about it for a while.

Your new insurance should kick in any time and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to get the call soon. Best!

Bfiles said...

so sorry you have to worry about this. It's not right that this happens in our country (or anywhere else, for that matter).

I'll Take Mine... said...

Jamie- That does sound so similar! Good luck to you guys for OA #2. And thanks for riding (reading) along with me. My fingers are crossed for you.

Daniela and Bridget- I appreciate your concern and good wishes. It looks like we should be getting some kind of insurance cards soon.