Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swimmers Ear

My daughter has swimmer's ear. We've never experienced that before. I guess it's an infection from water getting stuck in the ear canal and the ear getting infected. All I know is she says, "Ow!," when you touch it on the outside.

The Doc. has us putting ear drops in 4 times a day for 10 days. That's fun. And we need to try to keep it dry. We swim a lot, so that could be tough. What's summer without swimming?

My father-in-law is getting his knee replacement surgery today. So we are praying for him. I told the kids the knee components will be metal. My boys think it's pretty cool that they will have a cyborg-grandpa. Part robot, part Grandpa. I hope the recovery isn't too difficult for Grandpa. Or Grandma. I hope he's not a cranky patient once he comes home from the hospital. He'll be back to playing Rummy before long, I hope.

Update: Grandpa is doing well. He is out of surgery, everything went as scheduled. He's in the hospital, recuperating. He says he went for "the top of the line chrome knee." Of course he did, he drives a Lincoln. 

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Emily said...

Growing up, someone always seemed to have swimmers ear, so we always had those wax-type plug things to put in the ear to keep it dry. Good luck. That can be a rough one.
I hope your father-in-law's surgery goes well.