Thursday, July 22, 2010


My question: if I buy this chair, will I really stress less? Because if so, it may be worth it. Maybe a discount voucher should come with each passing of the OA.

Ha ha! I just checked out the site and they are available in three sizes. 
Not just S, M, and L, oh, no! 


Bfiles said...

where's the chair for candidates??

I'll Take Mine... said...

My husband came up with lots of answers for this. In order of funniness:
It's really small
It's the stool
It's the floor
Candidates have to stand and wait

Sara said...

Interesting size names! I've seen ads for this chair on TV and I pine after it.

Shannon said...

Love the names, too darn funny.

Jill said...

That chair is AWESOME!! I'd take it just for the names. :)

TulipGirl said...

ooooh! After looking at the website, I realized that's the chair my Dad has. . . Actually, he has two in their living room -- a "his and hers" set. And they are comfy!