Monday, July 19, 2010

On the register for SIX months.

My husband has been on the register since January. What once seemed like it would happen (getting called), might not. I mean, really, even if he passes the German test, it might not. There were 162 people on the PD register when calls started out a few days ago, he was around #70, I think.

He is going to take the German test in August. He has also started a second (freaking) candidacy. He submitted the PNQs yesterday. So the man is trying.

Bravo to all those who got called. Kudos to the brilliant, multi-lingual former stock broker/lawyer/banker/professor/whatever brilliant things they do that get them hired in 5 minutes. Yeah for the people who whine and moan and say, "Oh I'll never get in, when will I get in, when will I ever get the call with my measly Arabic/Turkish/Mandarin speaking 5.9?!" Because guess what? You WILL get in. And you know it.


It's not your fault. I blame spreadsheets. They are like meth for Type A people.

And guess what else? Some people don't have nannies, or babysitters. Or housekeepers.

Or friends now. haha. Sorry about the rant.

(In all seriousness, congrats to everybody. The process means you are all hard-workers, smart and patient. Just try to go easy on the spreadsheets, will ya?)


Daniela Swider said...

Wow, 162 is a lot!

But yey for your husband taking the German test in August! I know he's been working his butt off. That should give him the bump and speed things up for you guys.

Remember to breathe!

Bryn said...

We waited 17 months before getting "the call". Not fun, but we now understand the timing!

I'll Take Mine... said...

Daniela~ Thanks, I'll keep breathing. We are fine. 162 is a lot. But the Pol cone is higher. So, there's always that.

Bryn~ I appreciate knowing your wait time. How did you stay calm during that time?
My husband is retaking the whole shebang, so he could potentially have a waiting period of greater than 18 mos. (18mos + overlap of second 18 mos if he passes the OA again.)
My kids are like, "I thought you said we were moving...what do you mean it depends?"

fsowannabe said...

You know, even though we do have a nanny, I hate those Arabic/Turkish/Mandarin speaking people with the 5.9's who have to post about their "stress" of getting the call, too;) Seeing how the Econ register is doing, I think I'll be retaking the FSOT as well. Bleh.

Bfiles said...

i'm sorry.
wish it was easier for you guys.

And I apologize for stressing out when it's likely I'll get a call, eventually.
It's just a difficult process no matter how long it takes you- it's still too long and too uncertain.

I'll Take Mine... said...

fsowannabe~ Really? You think you need to retake the FSOT? I thought you had Japanese to help boost your score if need be? Bleh, indeed.

No need to apologize for stressing. Stress is stressful. To anyone. My stress in no way takes away from your stress. I do not mean to imply that there is a stress competition. This is just one big stress party. We all stress together.

hannah said...

*hugs* Nothing anyone can say but yeah, we've been there too. Each wait has its own individual miseries... although in the spirit of misery and company, a friend of mine started taking the exams in 1992 and didn't join until 2005.

Good luck! Stay sane-ish!