Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to write PNQ's that get you noticed.

My husband is working on his essays that are due on Monday. They are called PNQ's for any non-FSers out there. (Personal Narrative Questions, I believe.)

I have been tasked with hearing them. There are 5 that need to be submitted.

I have been judging if this one is better than that one. Is that one stronger than this one? Does this one address his strengths better than the other? Does this project sound too broad? And on... (I don't mind at all. Really.)

Last night, as I was reading them, I hit on the way to make PNQ answers really pop. To really draw attention. To make them SING, if you will. And I have to tell you, my husband agreed. It was late and we had a good laugh.

Simply add these words to the end of each sentence of your essay, 

" bed."
Suddenly, "Developing and implementing an innovative strategy..." doesn't sound so dry, does it?  



Shannon said...

Works for fortune cookies, why not PNQ's?

Bryn said...

Ha ha! Way to turn something boring into something fun!!!