Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Excitement of the day. No, not the call.

What'd I do today, you ask? (I heard you askin'.)

Oh, not much, just SAVED A LIFE!!!

Holy frickin' moly.

Yeah, me.

Swimming at the pool. Some little kid is all, "AHHhhhhhhh!!! AAahhhhhh!!!! EEEEEeeeee!!!" In the deep end. No adults around. The kid was panicking and his face was barely staying up above the water, his arms were crazy all around.

There were two lifeguards on duty. Sleeping, I guess.

I swam to him, fast, zoooooom, zooooom. I was there. Grabbed that little kid around the chest and side-stroked his little booty to the pool edge. I put his chubby hands on the deck and lifted his butt from below. Thankfully, two adults were there to help pull him out. Because by then I was getting shakey. What just happened?!

The mom was very thankful. Another lady was thankful. I was embarrassed. The lifeguards looked oblivious.

All in a days' work.

Back to the set of Baywatch for me.


Daniela Swider said...

Wow, you are superwoman! Awesome story!!!

Bfiles said...

way to go! what a great feeling.

but I hope you had a word w the lifeguards or the manager- really? they were oblivious?

Shannon said...

Way to go. I am so glad you were there!

Sara said...


Donna said...

Scary. Good that you were there and paying attention.