Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Missouri, not Missoura.

We are driving from Upstate New York to Missouri. Are you jealous? Do you wish that was your summer vacation?

We are driving with our three kids to
St. Louis
for a big 50th Anniversary dinner for my in-laws. Remember them? At Easter?
Then the next day we are driving another 2 hours to
Jefferson City
for another anniversary get-together, then the next day we are driving another 2 hours to
Lake of the Ozarks 
for a few days with some of my husband's brothers and sisters, then back to St. Louis to go up the
then we are driving to

then.... home to pay the doggie boarding bill.

Good thing Missouri is nice and cool, low-humidity and refreshing in the summer (Not!), because we all have matching BLACK 50th anniversary shirts... !!! They resemble concert t-shirts, except they say "50th anniversary tour" and the names of my in-laws. I'll be wearing that bad-boy all the time once we get back to civilization.


fsowannabe said...


At least you'll have good tunes for the drive, right?

I'll Take Mine... said...

Not sure on that one. We have two ipod touches. One loaded up with audiobooks for the kid, one loaded up with German. I may opt for the roof rack. Or ear plugs and a real book. The drive is a thousand hours, I think. Or a million. One of those.

I'll Take Mine... said...

That would be audiobooks for the kid(s), not kid.

Bfiles said...

oh, that sounds like a fun trip!!! I'll be thinking of you!

fsowannabe said...

Have a great trip! And a little more detail to my doom and gloom.

Jen said...

Um, we just did CA to MD and, well, we was definitely interesting, and not something we are likely to forget any time soon!

Shannon said...

Ummm... I am praying for you. Scary trip. Glad there are no extended road trips for me this summer. On the other hand my 5 yr old just came running inside to tell met they caught a scorpion?! Maybe I would be better off on the trip with you.