Tuesday, June 29, 2010

145 on PD register

The PD register has 145 people on it as of today. Halfway down there is a woman biting her nails... no, her cuticles. No, drinking ouzo. (Always talking about the ouzo... I haven't had it since I was 13 and in Greece.) Screw it.

A little over a year ago, my husband took a buyout from the newspaper where he was an assigning editor. Now he's a PR dude. I think he's a "communications specialist" or something like that. It's not a job to stay in long term. It's more a bridge job to allow him to say, "Hey, I'm a Public Relations guy now, not a newspaper guy, see, look at my resume." The idea was that the FS would have snapped him up by now... SNAPPED, I say!! But, he's thinking that it's time to start looking around to see if he can find the next PR job, just in case. Because they **LOVE** him at his current job, but the love and money are not equal, if you catch my drift, in the public school system.

Schools offers job security.
So does the FS, if we ever get in.
Schools educate children.
The FS is a big fat monster that eats children.
It's a big fat hairy monster that doesn't wear deodorant and has matted hair.
And it makes you learn a language that you might not ever even need to use.
A big fat monster offering "job security."
I bet it even talks too loud in movies and spits a little when it talks to you. eww.

I think I need some sleep. Sorry folks.

These Doonesbury comics (from Slate.com) made me laugh about newspapers. And yes, we still subscribe. (Click to make larger.)


fsowannabe said...

I really feel your pain. This process just sucks. Seeing the list grow and knowing, just knowing, that every day another person is getting on drives me crazy. And all the budget crap going on...it's just maddening. Rather than ouzo, I think I'll hit the Disney channel with my daughter - there's always a happy ending on the Disney channel.

When does the hubby take his German test?

I'll Take Mine... said...

He takes it in August. He also has a second candidacy going on simultaneously. This monster is all consuming. What is the budget doing? Or dare I ask?

Anonymous said...

it is a monster...an evil one...that moves about as fast as a sloth on valium & muscle relaxers.

fsowannabe said...

There's a lot of politics going on in committee over State's budget. Right now there's a fight over cutting it from the recent bump it received.