Saturday, June 5, 2010

Up in the air (Cessna 172)

My two boys got to ride in a Cessna 172 today. It was the Young Eagles program. My husband arranged it through cub scouts. The two boys, ages 7 and 9, took off with Jim (who has been flying for 40 years) while my dear husband stood on the ground watching them disappear into the sky. "Please come back," he says he thought, as they took off. The boys LOVED it!!!!! Loved it. They were in the air for 25 minutes, or so. We'll see who asks for pilot lessons first. They are already starting to hint at it.

I was taking C to her soccer game during the flight time. She did lots of cartwheels today on the field. Last week she scored a goal, the week before she scored two, this week, the coach said to play defense. So she went back and waited. But there wasn't too much action. So she started doing cartwheels. I ended up yelling from the sidelines, "C, no cartwheels on the field." She smiled and waved. Then she started doing hand stands. And smiling. But when the ball did come down to her end, she kicked it out, away from the goal. And smiled.

Later, we had a (kid) birthday party for C. All the invitees attended. Twelve 6 year olds did art projects, ate cupcakes and strawberries, drank lemonade and smiled at each other. They are all in the same Kindergarten class. Very cute.


A Daring Adventure said...


Yep, we're plane lesson folks here! Hold on to your wallet, is all I can tell you.

Connie said...

What fun! The plane ride looked nice, but my fave was the grinning acrobat .. I can sooo picture that! :D

rkolker said...

I was just talking to the RSO here in Cotonou (he and I are both private pilots) how we needed a Cessna 172 for emergency evac :-)