Thursday, June 3, 2010

My husband is a real tiger.

Early this morning:

Me: I posted photos on my blog of C's birthday.

Husband: Let's see. . . . . Oh, nice. 

pause of 5-10 minutes

Husband: You know, when we get into the Foreign Service, you will probably have to close up your blog and have one that is only private. Or have one with no pictures. 

Me looking at him like he is a wolf, or a bear, or a ... 

Me: Why?

Husband: Well, you sure gave lots of photos and details of C. And the boys. And our yard. We don't want to be in some country where terrorists can easily spot us from your blog.

Me: You are a TIGER!

Husband: Thank you. (Looking pleased with himself because he thinks I'm saying "Vavoom! Baby, you're a tiger!") 

Me: No, not like that!! You big dork.

But maybe he's right.
I should be more guarded with my hula-hooping photos. Y'all are getting privileged glimpses. Please do not tell the terrorists that American Girl dolls reside in my house, I have a yellow lab, I need to weed more. My cat bites our ankles and we have initials for names. The results could be dastardly. Hell, it's not like State is giving bloggers any pointers, from what I've heard. Just don't be a "stupid" blogger. Honestly. That might not be enough of a line for me.

Tiger photo shamelessly stolen from A Daring Adventure.


Shannon said...

I don't know what to tell someone who has a tiger by the tail. Maybe you could show him the huge list of bloggers on diggers site or maybe the friday roundup. I don't know what to tell you, but I do know that if that was my husband and he was threatening my link with sanity, he would be well advised to sleep with on eye open!

Bfiles said...

it's such a fine line...

I'll Take Mine... said...

It really is a fine line. Of course I would never want to endanger my family. Ever. As he says, we could be easily identified in some areas of the world. We would stand out. And I know he would not want to cut me off from my network of sanity-keepers. I think the only solution is to wear Obama masks in all photos and write in Pig Latin. Attawhay Oody Ouyay inkthay?

Digger said...

I think telling folks about your lab and vicious cat will help keep bad people away!

Sara said...

It's Friday and that means that the State Department Weekly Roundup is up and you're on it! Check it out here:

If I used your blog and photo and you want one or both of them removed, please let me know!

Bryn said...

You know, you can keep it public and just be "picky". Don't post pictures of the front of your house or your license plate, etc. You can still use pictures, but only one or 2 instead of 10. You'll figure it out and it'll be fine!!

Steph B said...


Connie said...

Ever see the movie, "My Cousin Vinny"?
Mona Lisa Vito: [Vinny looks at her funny] What?
Vinny Gambini: Nothing. You stick out like a sore thumb around here.
Mona Lisa Vito: Me? What about you?
Vinny Gambini: I fit in better than you. At least I'm wearing cowboy boots.
Mona Lisa Vito: Oh yeah, you blend.

THIS. I do not care what you do, or wear, or talk like... you ain't gonna be from around here, are ya, you know?? You will be known as a foreigner, you may often be pegged as an American (although I also get mistaken for Canadian and Russian!). I thought about being anonymous in my blog, but figured that I wasn't fooling anyone. Might as well do what I want. Now, I do LIE about and/or obscure dates, birthdays, schedules, and that sort of sensitive info. I do not give directions or other info that identifies where we live, go to school, or even where the Embassy is.. even though it's on every map I've ever seen! I do not talk about my husband's job. I do not talk about my former job. I might mention long hours or something highly generic, but no details. People ask me how I got hired or about the process... I do not even deal with that. There's a public website. I also stay tactful and polite... not just 'cause my momma raised me to be polite ;) ! but because I assume that we do NOT blend, and that even if I had wrote an anonymous blog, locals would be able to figure out it's me anyway, therefore I make my statements as if I were speaking face to face with my readers.