Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I had 8 boys in my house in addition to my three kids. My house has never been so loud. This was for eight-year-old S's birthday party.

OK, I would like people to stop having birthdays. Back in the olden days you got one party. Ever. You chose wisely. None of this, "Every year party crap."

I'm beat. Next birthday is my husband's. Next week. Hopefully he doesn't want to invite over 8 friends and have a sword fight in the basement too. Or wrestle in the front yard. Or climb the trees. Or mix root beer, lemonade, sprite and water and call it his "beer." Hopefully his friends don't have to be reminded that they DON'T HAVE TO YELL WHEN WE ARE ALL INSIDE AND ARE STANDING NEXT TO ONE ANOTHER!!! And I know none of his friends would annoy our dog by repeatedly asking the dog to give "high fives."

Actually, they were all good kids. Nice kids. And I daresay we had ... fun.


Bfiles said...

aw, happy birthday to your big S! You have been busy!

Connie said...

8yo boys do not own volume controls. um... they don't get them when they turn 9 either! ;D Happy Birthday S!