Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another cup of coffee (ouzo)

Phone Conversation

My mom: You sound down.
Me: Yeah.
My mom: What's going on?
Me: (Listing a bunch of whining stuff I should have just kept to myself.)
My mom: Oh my, well that does sound terrible. I would be stressed about that too. I would not be able to handle all that uncertainty and life change. All that unknown, I just couldn't do it. Better you than me.
Me: You did not make me feel any better, Mom.
My mom: Well, sorry.

Why do I do this to myself? Why don't I just say "Good."

It could be:

My mom: You sound down.
Me: No, I'm good. 
My mom: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, I'm good. I just need another cup of coffee. (vodka/whiskey/ouzo)


Bryn said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with that!!! Know that there are a TON of FS people out in the world supporting you.

Shannon said...

Sorry your Mom isn't being supportive. Doesn't it just make you crazy? My mom does that to me too, and I just keep telling myself I will not be like that when my kids are grown.

I just got my hair colored and all my mom had to say was darker hair makes middle aged women look older. ARRGH! Why can't they just be supportive??? Pretty sure that I shouldn't be whining to you, but not up to Mom's supportive attitude today. LOL!

Daniela Swider said...

Well, you can whine to us all you want. Whatever it is, some of us are bound to have gone through it at some point and cheer you up. This too shall pass, you know

It's just so hard to be all happy all the time in your situation.

Keep dreaming about all the wonderful things ahead of you!

Jen said...

Argh, I feel your pain. I used to complain to my mom about my husband's job when he was on Secretary's Detail (gone 50% of the time often on a few hours notice, little to no time off, had two small children and no help, you get the picture...). After one too many times of, "Well, it's his job!", I stopped.

Sadly, I can't even complain to her anymore, but the above taught me to vent around those who understand. So, vent away to us, we get it!

Connie said...

naw! gripe when you want. Mom's prob if she doesn't get it. Here.. *pours another cup of whatever*.. cheers! :)