Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm a er, um, grandma!

Come sit down on the back deck.
The chairs are especially glowy.
The trees are especially green.
The bow and arrows are put away, you're safe for now from the boys.
But wait.
What was that?
A birthday?
Someone is SIX?
What IS that?
Ut-oh. (Enter Jaws music)
She sees you.
Every. Thing. From her coffin. With a window.
Knock knock. Scratch Scratch.
She's out!! Look out.
Is she evil? Or good?
Good, I guess. 
And she calls me (gulp) "Grandma."
Lanie was a gift from my father and step-mom.
Welcome to the family, Lanie.
B and S found it thrilling. 

Another gift C got was a HULA HOOP.
Yeah, I can't do that anymore.
What happened?
But C can.

You can watch the video below.

She's a spunky, funny, groovy, strong, independent six year old girl.


Shannon said...

Happy birthday to the birthday girl. Looks like she had a great day. And the cake looks delish Yummm!

I can't hula hoop any more either. What gives? I used to be able to do it for hours. Maybe I will drag out the boys hula hoops outside and give it one more try before the movers come. Less than a week now. First I gotta go hide the cameras, I do NOT want my husband to blog this!

Bfiles said...

aw, happy birthday to your sweet girl! Love the new family addition. I understand your conflicted feelings. :) And yea, I'd like to know why I can't hula anymore either.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to the lucky girl! I wanted a Samantha doll sooooo badly when I was her age - but my parents wouldn't spend that much on a doll. BUT! They got me all of the books and I could still drool over the catalog. *sigh*

Daniela Swider said...

Happy Birthday to C! Loved the bit about the doll. My daughter also says I am her dolls' grandma. Ahhh!

Hula hooping gets harder with age. I had to check. I can still do it but for not nearly as long as I used to. It may have something to do with my waist having somewhat um, expanded...

Connie said...

Happy Birthday C!!! :) We have hula hoops in the back yard for hula'ing, tossing, using as targets, etc... they are too much fun! A couple are looking a little less 'hoop'y than they used to, but they're hanging in there and atill used ;D