Monday, May 31, 2010


My husband says every time I talk about the stupid, dumb-ass Foreign Service that it is with a negative tone. Why would he think that? Why, I ask?

So it got me to thinking. If I assigned a (+1) for every blog post I wrote that had positive vibes about the cool, hip FS and (-1) for every blog post about the life-stopping, time-stealing, eternity-of-waiting FS, what would the grand total be? Would I be above water or sinking like I'm wearing concrete boots?

I'm thinking the concrete boots on the floor of the lake would win.

Maybe I do always say negative things about the FS. But it's my blog and I can vent worries and concerns here. Anxieties. Angst...that German word again. People can relate.

But I can be positive. I would be happy if we got "the call." Really. I can say things that are nice about the FS.

Look. I'll show you. I'll prove my husband wrong.

Dear Foreign Service,
I'd like to join you. You sound very interesting. There's the travel. The challenging work for my husband. For me, the packing, unpacking, the to-do lists, the veterinary lists, school transfer papers, dealing with a car, total bureaucracy, giving up a yard and house, family, friends, lake, paths. 
Ok, ok, ok, wait. You have nice eyes. You are tall and handsome.
You have a strong grip. Like how you squeeze. And squeeze. And never call. Ever. No call. And then there was the pole dancing... and still, no call. Bitch. I hate you. 
Your friend,  

Ok, yeah, maybe he's right.


Shannon said...

It is hard to be positive when you are stuck in permanent limbo. I do enjoy the FS although this week is probably not a good time to ask me about it with packing and all. But when Dave joined I came in kicking and screaming and protesting all the way. Wasn't a pretty sight. It probably would have helped a lot to have someplace to vent where people understood. You are right it is your blog!

Bfiles said...

I don't think you're negative about the FS, just the waiting process. Which is ridiculous.
It gets me that after jumping through ALL those hoops, you can pass the OA and still never get an offer. That kills me.
But anyway, love this. You are so creative. My mom is a psychologist and uses letter writing to something that's bothering you as a therapy technique, so you're on to something! :)
ps when are you coming to nyc so we can grab a drink and commiserate?? Summer trip w the kids?

A Daring Adventure said...


Ohmygosh, that letter to the Foreign Service was so funny I nearly split my sides!


Digger said...

This is really really funny.

I must warn you, like any love affair, you will occassionally feel this way even once you are in. But hopefully your +1's will outweigh your -1's.

I was thinking this weekend about writing a post about how happy I am with the job and life in general. How great it is for me, who is easily bored, to get to change to something new so often. And so on...

Then the alarm went off this morning..and I can't make myself feel grateful for anything other than the Diet Mountain Dew in my fridge.

Daniela Swider said...

Some days it's just so hard to be positive. I want to be positive all day long but then shit happens and you just can't be positive. So what do we do, we blog. And it helps us deal with whatever it is that's bothering us. I'm thinking, there are worse things we could be doing.

I am so glad all of you ladies are right there. Because we are all facing various forms of insanity and it is comforting to know we are not alone.

I think we should have a FS bloggers get together. What do you think?

Renee Shuman-Powell said...

Keep up hope, we just found out my husband didn't even make it to the Orals...:(. Time to work on the resume and try again next year.

I'll Take Mine... said...

Shannon, Bfiles, Kolbi,Digger and Daniela,
You all keep me sane(ish).

I'm sorry. I hope he tries again next year. Those PNQ things are a mystery!