Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Girl

The whole American Girl Doll thing is a bit much for me. Those dolls cost a lot. I mean about $100 for a doll?! But the neighbor girls across the street got them from Santa this past Christmas, so, guess what? "They were free." That's what C said. "The elves just made 'em in the workshop, so they weren't $100."

My daughter C has a birthday in about a month (she'll be 6) and she's started itching for an American Girl Doll. Lanie, specifically.

Her backstory is: "She loves the outdoors and exploring the wonder of her own backyard." (And maybe spinning around in the woods with her arms out in the air, like a nutter, alone, listening to the ipod and singing?) Ack. Screech. No, that's me.

My father and step-mom are going to get the doll for C. Along with matching nightgowns for doll and child.

C will be so happy! Because she asked me if I would get her the American Girl Doll and I said, "No." (Because I'm mean.) And I don't work at the North Pole.


Bfiles said...

I find it creepy, too, but luckily I don't have kids of that age yet. In our region, I think it's about the status symbol of it, and I don't like that...whatever happened to Cabbage patch kids?

Connie said...

$100 for a DOLL is crazy. There's no way that mass produced dolls, even higher quality dolls not coated in lead-based paint, need to cost that much. If they were one of a kind, hand personalized... or if it were robotic or otherwise containing expensive tech... sure.. but to me, whether $100 is a lot of money or not, this doll is a scam, because, of course, after you buy the doll, you're supposed to buy all of the overpriced accessories to go with the doll, and matching sets to go to the girl, and how can you not buy her a friend? I haven't even got the books for my daughter - commercials masquerading as literature, I am not fooled. Shall we form a mean mommy club?

Daniela Swider said...

Yes, I am convinced that the whole American Girl thing is a cult. Our daughter has not yet discovered the dolls and I dread the moment that happens. Of course knowing myself, if it ever came to that, I'd probably get them at craigslist or yard sales (the only problem is that there's no guarantee you'll find what you need when you need it at craigslist or yard sales).

Jill said...

My girls don't know what the American Dolls are all about, though I hesitate because I know they'll figure it out soon enough when we get back to the States.

You have some nice parents... I'm a meanie myself... Hope C enjoys the doll!!!