Monday, May 3, 2010


As I write this, Star Wars IV is playing on the TV. My son B is STILL home from school. The fever and cough are still there. I called the doc  this morning, just to make sure we don't need to do something more like switch antibiotics or ... whatever. The doctor said to keep him resting and make him drink lots of fluids. The resting part can be hard for a nine-year-old boy. He's been sick for six days. We've played games. He's read the entire Percy Jackson series. He's read magazines. He's sat out on the deck. He's played Wii. Nintendo DS. He wants to go back to school. So we're on to Star Wars.

I know I haven't written about the Foreign Service recently. It's only because there is nothing to say lately. My hubby is still doing his German lessons three times a week. I'm still feeling kind of bitter about the time that takes up, but I know it's necessary. Will we get the call? Will we?

This weekend is the neighborhood-wide HUGE garage sale. People descend on our neighborhood and buy everything and anything. I had planned on us knowing we'd be heading out by now. I was ready to sell lots of things. Now, I am overwhelmed by the lack of future plans and am not participating at all in the garage sale.

My emotions are swaying like the tall trees in my backyard these days. Sunday, as I was returning from walking the dog, I came down a hill, through the woods, on a winding path. The sun was filtering through the leaves. I looked up at the trees and the sky. There was a good song on the ipod and I had a teary-eyed, goofy, spin-around-all-by-myself-in-the-woods moment. Well, all alone with the dog. But he keeps his secrets. He's got Top Secret Doggie Clearance.

This might happen. But maybe not.


Connie said...

Sounds like your dog does a good job taking care of you... we're so lucky to have animal companions! I sure hope your son feels better soon, it is NOT easy to keep a 9yo boy chilled out at home. :) Does he like PC games? My 9yo enjoys this online role playing game - it's very family friendly, free to try out, and inexpensive to expand.

I'll Take Mine... said...

Thanks, Connie. We'll check that game out.
I'm taking my son back to the doctor today. I need to know he's on the mend.
Yes, animal companions are great. Always eager, never judging.