Friday, June 10, 2011

…and he took the test.

So, my husband took the FSOT on Friday. Again. He's already passed it twice before, or was it three times? I lose track. Anyhooo.

He said it went well.

I'm not sure if he and I had any of the same questions or the same essay or anything. We, of course, strictly adhere to the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement- keep your mouth shut agreement).

So we will wait 3-5 weeks to hear our results. I am not very confident in myself. I looked up some of my answers afterward and know I got some wrong. But I tried. Who's the president of the US? Colonel Sanders, right? No? Darn. Cap'n Crunch, then. It's him for sure. Oh, right, NDA. Sh, quiet.

My husband is trying for Public Diplomacy again, (GAH!!!) and I'm shooting for Management. He's currently on the PD register twice. But his score isn't high enough to get the call. I asked if he wanted to switch cones and he said, "If I'm putting this much time and effort into it, I want to be in the job that sounds like it really suits me best. And it's PD." Kudos to him for stick-to-it-ive-ness. He's starting the whole FS process over in hopes of upping his score. The PD register has something like 205 people on it, the first 23 have 5.7 or better. He could try to learn a language to raise his score, I suppose, but I'm not sure how that could happen while working full time. Plus we have these three kids who like to see him. They are ages 7, soon to be 9 and 11. Any ideas on how to learn a language while doing all that?

There is no easy answer.


Camille said...

When we talked to Phil's Career Development Officer we found out that you actually CAN change cones. It takes some finagling, but it can be done. The CDO himself switched from POL to PD about four tours in. Interesting, eh?

Noble Glomads said...

Hubby did Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish. It wasn't too bad, he'd do it a few hours a week. Like your hubby, he is in PD and was thinking he'd never get off the register.

Adrian Pratt said...

I feel your pain. This is an agonizing phase you are in. I agree with you, I admire your husbands determination to stick with what he wants. I too thought I would go mad waiting, seeing new people coming on - but trust me, where there's a will there's a way and it looks like you guys are focused. Well done and hang in there.

Bfiles said...

fingers crossed for both of you!