Monday, August 23, 2010

The dingo ate my baby, and other birthday fun.

The final birthday party is complete.

We had a backyard camping sleep-over with 5 friends of 10-yr-old son B coming over to whoop it up. This was our first sleep-over. I mean with more than one child sleeping over.

Here's how that went down. (It was good. Busy, but good.)

4:00 pm All five boys arrive with sleeping bags and pillows by 4:00. Parents slow down enough to open the car door and kick kids out, then speed off laughing and waving. I think I hear the word, "Sucker," spoken.

4:45 My husband gets home from work. Yes, up until then, it is me and my three kids plus five extra 10 year old boys.

5:00 We all get swimsuits on and head to the pool.

5:20 After swimming a few minutes, thunder is heard and all swimmers are ordered out of the pool. Darn.

6:00 Water gun fights in our yard. Setting up tents. Archery. Tire swinging. Basketball. Tag. Then we have pizza.
7:00 More tag. Cake and ice cream. Presents.
8:00 Marshmallow roasting, campfire. More tag (in the dark, with flashlights and lanterns.)

9:00 Into the tent to play Uno and cards. Raining starts.

10:30 Me inside with the two younger kids. My husband outside in a separate tent near the sleep-over kids. Just in case. Raining continues.

12:30 (in the morning) My son (so kind) tells one of the kids that there are coyotes in our woods and that coyotes have been known to eat babies. (Nice.) The other kid starts crying. There are many mosquitoes in the tent. There is a puddle in the tent. All kids drag their sleeping bags inside and sleep on the floor in B's room. Nervous coyote boy backs himself under the bed to sleep. Aww.

7:30 am Pancakes and bacon!!

8:30 Kids playing Wii.

9:00 All parents show up and ask how it went.

"Great," I reply, "they were awesome."

And they were. But I sure am glad birthday season is over.

And now we keep joking about coyotes, because we are terrible.

"Honey, is that a coyote in the backyard eating 17 babies?"

"No, mom, the coyotes are all at the maternity ward."


Sara said...

Good job mom!

LeesOnTheGo said...

Wow! What a great sounding party! (Except for the baby eating coyotes and the rain, of course).

Magia said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun and a LOT of work! When does school start so you can get a breather?

Daniela Swider said...

Yey for you for pulling off another awesome birthday party!

Heidi said...

I am currently in the midst of our first ever sleep-over party for our 8 year old daughter. We were smart and limited the number of girls to 4 but only 3 could make it and only 2 are staying the night. Still, it's been good but busy, busy, busy. Now I'm waiting for the kids to go to sleep, so I can go to sleep. Heck, it's only 11:00. (Yawn)