Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DSS vs Army

My next door neighbor signed up for the Army reserves last year. He's leaving for a year's deployment to Iraq in two days.

He used to be an EFM (Eligible Family Member). His wife used to be a Diplomatic Security Specialist. She's a teacher now. They decided the FS life wasn't for them after two posts. They have two daughters, ages 8 and 10.

I wonder if this is an improvement over the FS for them.

I sure hope if I'm an EFM it doesn't make me want to quit the FS and join the Army.

I sure hope the year goes by quickly (and safely) for them.


Shannon said...

Just about finished with my second tour as an EFM and no urges to join the Army yet. It is what you make of it. Joining the FS was a huge blessing for us. We sold our house and were able to pay off all our debts. It allowed me to stay home with the kids for as long as I want. Sure I am frustrated at times but not so frustrated that I think the Army would be a better choice.

Connie said...

I was in the Army first (as was my hubby), and loved it. I would not (NOT!) be a tandem military couple with kids though.

Bfiles said...

do you know why? surely she could have been a teacher in the FS. Maybe she wanted to stay stateside, and he wanted to travel...interesting...

fromthebackofbeyond said...

I meant to comment a while back when you were having a little existential moment. I am in the middle of applying to a bunch of summer/fall/ holiday shows. Have you ever considered those as an option for selling your stuff? I don't know if you've been to many "indie" craft shows but they barely resemble their predecessors. VERY interesting, innovative, friendly, helpful folks. I bet there are a ton in your area. Might be worth a little investigation. Just a thought.

I'll Take Mine... said...

Connie and Shannon~
Glad to hear you wouldn't want to drop everything and join the Army. ;-)

SHE was the FS employee, HE was the EFM. So she got tired of missing out on all the family stuff and children's activities. HE would have been happy to stay in the FS.

Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion. I haven't been to an indie craft/art sale in a long time. I'll have to look into that. First I'll have to build up some work to sell/show. My first love was ceramics and I sure can't lug a kiln around the world. May have to morph my medium. (Sounds like the name of a band: Morph my Medium)