Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nature girl v. nature

The PD register has 131 people on it. Apparently. (According to the dark and stormy Darth Vader "Shadow Register.") My husband's spot is halfway down the register. Bloody frickin' 'ell.

As I sit here, on the deck with my coffee in my Adirondack chair, my backyard is a lush paradise with woods, flowers, ferns, birds, frolicking wildlife...

Oh, look, there's Mary Poppins! The deer just started dancing like the Rockettes. Squirrels are hula-hooping. The beautiful gold finch birds are working together to pull a banner that reads... wait... what does that say?

It says, "You are frickin' nuts to leave this for the FS?!!"

Hold on, I'm getting my air soft pellet gun.* I'll show all this beautiful nature. Eff you. We are leaving, if we ever get "called"...  I am going to Oakwoody. That sounds very, VERY naturish.

He's been on the register for FOUR months. He can stay there for 14 more months before he expires. Of course there might not be any birds left in my backyard by that time.

*I do not have an air soft pellet gun. Only a shot gun. Kidding, kidding. 


A Daring Adventure said...

That backyard is CRAZY AWESOME GORGEOUS!!!

What a beautiful place!

So sorry about the limbo. And the register. And the trials and tribulations.

Hang in there. And enjoy the back yard, for now, okay? Hugs to you...

Shannon said...

It is hard to even think about leaving someplace you are happy especially when the waiting game is wearing on your sanity. Hang in there, all of us have been there.

Neesh said...

Hey there, thanks for bloggin' your wait. I just passed the oral in PD, so now am suddenly quite interested in the state of the register. :) What kind of scores are getting called these days?