Monday, May 24, 2010

Julia Child sings buttery lullabies in my ear.

I just returned the book My Life in France, by Julia Child, to the library. It is supposed to be a very good book. Especially for someone in my, ahem, situation.

But, I kept falling asleep to it. I got to page 36 in the 3 weeks I had it checked out.

I like reading. I like Julia Child. She makes me laugh. I like pretending I'm her and making her voice and saying, "You simply need to butter the duck."

Anyway. That book is my Ambien. Five minutes and Zzzzzz, book on chest. Drool on pillow.

I saw the DVD Julie and Julia. I enjoyed it. And I would probably get through the book My Life in France too, if I owned it. But I'm unwilling to "go overdue" at the library for Julia. I follow the rules of the library pretty strictly. Even though the overdue fine is only a quarter, or something small (I don't actually know how much the fine is) I returned the book. I tried to renew it but there were other people with holds on the book.  I hate paying late fines. The librarians give me that judgmental look, as if to say, "Tsk, tsk, and she looked like such a nice young woman... not the type to keep her library books overdue... shocking!"

I'll check it out again. I'm not giving up on you, Julia.

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