Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dragging the family to Pakistan.

Calls for the June class went out this past week. (Congrats to all who got calls and accepted offers.) Shockingly, the PD register did not skip numbers 1-39 and go straight down to the 70's. Goshdarnit. (Hi, Kolbi.)
Tamale, how I long to hear your angelic voice... yeah, yeah, I know "the call" is an email, folks.
Tamale, how I long to have your DoS form email invitation grace my husband's inbox. It is a "Yahoo!" account after all.

My parents are truly accepting this FS thing now. (Not.) My Dad said "...well, when you drag your family off to live in Pakistan..." I interrupted him and said that we wouldn't all be asked to move to Pakistan. He just kept talking. So I said it again. Then my step mom said to him, "You've told several people they are moving to Pakistan."
I don't know why he thinks this. Every single time I bring up anything having to do with the FS he changes the subject. I need some good links to email him so he has some good info to read. If anybody has recommendations please let me know. I need some PD about this life.

And my mother, who has been out of work due to her heroic work-related injury, has declined my offers to visit her. She is out of work for two weeks with a sprained ankle, and lives alone in a second floor apartment. She said, "No, don't come. I have plenty of help. From my friends. I am testing my network for when you are gone." Gone. Gone. Gone. Erased. I'm glad she has friends. But I'm still here and I'd like to help her while I am.

I guess I can't have it both ways.


Bfiles said...

maybe one of the Realities books? I find the second one to be a little more upbeat than the first. I just had my mom read through them and it was helpful.

Daniela Swider said...

I am sorry you didn't get the email for June. Waiting is so hard!!!

We just had our Flag Day and most people from my husband's class got their high and medium bids. We got a domestic assignment but it was one of our highs. Some of our closest friends are going to Recife, Brazil, Shanghai, China and Wellington, New Zealand. We are thrilled for them! There were no Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan posts on our list and we were told that they don't send new FSOs there anymore. Perhaps you can point your parents to some of the FS blogs...just a thought.

LeesOnTheGo said...

I agree with Daniella. Point them toward some of the blogs (but I don't suggest mine. The whining and complaining will only make their opinions that much more solid).

They'll get used to your FS lifestyle with time. It's hard for everyone at first. But the moaning & groaning won't last forever. They may just be amazed at the fabulous life you live once they come visit you.


FS, here we come! said...

Those are all good suggestions. I'll look over the Realities books again. I'm afraid if I direct my parents to the blogs they'll find mine. My Dad would not be amused. At all.