Saturday, April 17, 2010


I would like to thank all of you who posted comments and showed your support regarding this blog, my thoughts, my whining, my angst, and my honesty about expressing what's going on in my head. I appreciate your positivity. Rock on.

So, ready for more whining, er, um, honesty? Just kidding. Sort of.

My mom called last night. She sounded a little...thick-tongued...drugged up. She said she just wanted to call and let me know she is okay, not to worry. Because my ESP was telling me..."Something has happened?" So, I asked what happened. She said she was at work (she works at a nursing home) and one of the residents managed to get outside and was rolling, in his wheelchair, down the driveway toward a busy road in front, and a car was coming speeding along toward the guy. So she took off, her wings sprouted, the cape flapping behind her, the shiny leotard and sequined belt gleaming in the, she ran and caught the guy, grabbed his chair, knocking him over onto her. He and his wheelchair landed on her ankle and she has a sprained ankle. So I exclaimed, "You're a hero! When are you signing up for your first 5K?" But she just grumbled that now the state will be investigating how this guy managed to get outside into such a situation. Plus, he ended up with a bloody elbow. Then she said she just wanted to let me know she was okay so I wouldn't worry and now she was going to go take some more Percocet and fall asleep.

We are going to Boston today with the three kids. The hubby and I used to live there. I went to grad school at Rhode Island School of Design. My first teaching job was in Boston Public Schools. I'm looking forward to visiting. It turns out the Boston Marathon is Monday. Maybe I'll join in. My superhero mom could push all the old men out of my way. Look out, Mr. Anonymous! hahaha. Sheesh, I make me laugh.


e said...

RISD? Girl, you must be wicked talented yourself. Channel that angst into your studio work! I left a comment recently in reply to one of your comments on my blog, not sure if you got it. Anyway- it said basically that- when I'm feeling like things are getting to be too much, I head to the studio and the world sets itself straight.
Have fun in Boston.

Connie said...

I hope the investigators at your mom's place are reasonable. Feeble and senile does NOT mean helpless and stupid. My mom had dementia, and while she was too frail to wander away from her assisted living facility, she could tell lies (not lies, but untruths that she thought were the truth) so well that strangers would believe every word. That can be real trouble. Your mom is a hero, not just for catching the guy, but doing her job every day. Seriously.
However, you might want to tell her not to start phone calls with "I'm ok, but..." too often. Not unless she wants you to go grey young!