Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've recovered. I think. 

The PD register is up to 111. German lessons are ongoing, bleeding us dry.

My dog rolled in poo. 

I wonder if I could fill (and remove from the house) one bag of stuff a day.

I have booked myself a massage for today.

Here's a random song:


Anonymous said...

That was actually a cool music video!

Sorry that German lessons are bleeding you dry. :(

fsowannabe said...

Sweet tune! What's it about? Can your hubby find someone who can speak/teach German to him for the price of beer? Where is he on the register? PD is a killer, I have a friend who's waiting to get on the register with a 5.3 - so his only hope, I think, is to pass his language test coming up next week.

Bryn said...

Good job on getting rid of stuff BEFORE you get the call!!! I wish I had done that. We are currently unpacking and I can't believe how much CRAP we have and stuff we don't need. It has been totally overwhelming and we have decided that if we don't use it within 1 year...we'll get rid of it. Less is more in the FS. Plus, you need room in your weight allowance to bring stuff back from all the awesome countries you live in.

FS, here we come! said...

Here's a link to the song played on youtube with English translation. Hope it works.

Daniela said...

Very neat song! I am weird though. I've always loved the way German sounds. Think 99 Luftbalons.