Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I like to walk.

I walk with my dog. Today we walked along a river, through an old cemetery, through a village, through a park, along a canal, over some locks, down a spit of land with water on both sides. We were just walking along. I walk in any season, but am happiest now that almost all the snow is finally melted. We have woods all around our house. And ponds. And paths. And trails. I walk them. I walk through cemeteries. I walk up hills, I walk through wetlands, through meadows. I am a woman who likes to walk with her dog. I like to think while I walk. But the thinking is so effortless that I don't even remember what I thought about, just that I thought about stuff and the sun shone and the dog was always at my side.

I do not like to run.
But I think I should like to run. I think I should be the kind of person who runs and runs and thinks and sweats and trains for something... but running just hurts. I had meniscus surgery on my knee last year so running makes me a little nervous too. Plus you have to wear the special uni-boob bra, so that's no fun. I can't relax and let my mind wander. When I run I just think, "Can't...get enough...air. Shins hurt."

My husband runs. Fast. Up hills. And he likes it. Weird, right? He "trains" for things. Races.

I know nobody is judging me. Sometimes I jog, but mostly, I just like to walk. So why do I feel like I should want to run? Maybe I just want to be able to brag that I'm in training.


Shannon said...

When you figure it out would you tell me? I even set being able to run a 5k a one of my new years resolution, but -and here is the stupid thing, I hate running! Why would I do this to myself? Maybe I think I should be ABLE to run 5k rather than I really WANT to run a 5k.

A Daring Adventure said...

Oh, I'll bet it's just gorgeous up there! I'm sure the scenery is beautiful.

I should be out walking, too... hopefully, your post will kick me in the rear to do that, also...

And I've long ago given up on being a runner. But I look at runners and think... good for you!

Bryn said...

Running is overrated...I say this because I hate running!! I swear my lungs scream at me and threaten to close completely if I don't stop. So that's why I don't run! ;) At least you walk. Do you know how many people out there don't even do that?!

Jen said...

I walk with occasional jogging spurts (prevalent when we are walking to school pick-up and 'running' late quite literally).
I understand your dilemma...I have done the same thing for years. I vow to run one, and then end up not doing it...walking is so good for your health, though, and better for your knees!

A Daring Adventure said...

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Connie said...

Walk. Don't run. Pain is your body's way of saying "NO!". I served 9 yrs active duty army. It took 6 of those years to figure out that my knees really should have joined the AF (or stayed home altogether - I had a surgeon tell me I should never have been allowed in the military because my knees were malformed and I really could NOT run without hurting myself!). I believed in "No pain, no gain" and I was so wrong. My knees are permanently messed up. Some people run and have actual fun (my husband is one) and I am 100% convinced that it is simply because it does not hurt them (this is where we should say 'duh!' but why do we feel so guilty about it??!!) :p Walk your dog... that sounds like perfectly wonderful fun to me!