Thursday, February 23, 2012

"What the Fru??!" Or "Deja vu??!"

My dear husband is home from DC.

He passed the OA.



Three times. 5.4, 5.4, 5.4 What the 5-point-frickin-4 is going on?!

I mean, Yeah! Good job! He passed. But we were kind of hoping to be higher up the list.

Each time he did awesomely awesome at 2 sections and failed the third. But, get this!, the section he failed changed each of the three times. ?? Bizarre.

Now we have to decide what is next. Brain transfer with someone who knows Arabic? Hindi? Urdu? Any more viable suggestions out there? Speaking Cub/Boy Scout and Syracuse Basketball doesn't get you any points at all it appears. meh.


Destinaish Unknown said...

Congratz again!!! Try German again, sillies!!! I think a 5.57 would be enough for a quicker offer, the way things are going. I recently passed again, as well, so hopefully I'll see you all soon.

GH said...

Oh, I feel for you. This process is so frustrating. Thanks for blogging about it again. It keeps my hopes up that there are others out there still trying to get through. This will be my husbands third try, too, but he hasn't been able to get passed the QEP, yet! So frustrating! But we will keep doing it year after year until it doesn't make sense any more, I suppose. Are you going to take the test this summer? I'm thinking I might try it again, too. Good Luck! And I would agree, keep going with the German!!!

Noble Glomads said...

I agree. Why not brush up on German and try again? Before taking the language exam? My husband listened to German books on tape and German pod casts to brush up. I think he did this for 3months straight and it paid off. It must be so incredibly frustrating for him (and you). I remember languishing on the PD register too until the language score bumped him up and saved us. It is just ironic that he got a 4/4 in Germand and now he has to learn Hindi. Urgh. There is probably someone speaking Hindi fluently that is learging German too.

Daniela Swider said...

Well, congrats - passing again is better than not passing again but I feel your pain on the score thing. My OA score is 5.3 (urgh!), so if I don't pass my Hindi test in a month, I will have to start from scratch. Is your husband already on the register with his 5.4 + German bonus points? Best of luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on passing, but ugh, sorry about not getting a more sure-bet score. It seems anecdotally that the registers are getting shorter though. Is he management? I know of a 5.4 management that got an offer for the March class, so there's definitely hope!

Bryn said...

Stay positive. My hubby got a 5.4 also, but he's consular coned. It took us 17 months to be offered a job....just shy of the 18 month cut-off. Enjoy the luxury of living in the states right now....there are a lot of things i miss.