Thursday, July 28, 2011

But wait, we have some nice parting gifts back stage...

Tick de la tock-tock.
Candidacy numero uno has expired. Today, or tomorrow. Zap, gone, 18 months on the register.

Are there really no consolation prizes? 
Pots and pans? 
A Lazy Boy chair? 
A stylish hat? 
A year of ice cream? 
A ham? 
A smile?
Tamale, keeper of the register…anything? … speak to me… email, call me… 

I know, I must 
Chill out.

Candidacy Numero dos is still on the register and Numero tres is in the works. 



fsowannabe said...

I hate how much this reflects some of my own feelings about my soon to terminate candidacy. I linked to this post. Chin up on #2 and #3, right?

Bfiles said...

i'm sorry.
but there is still hope for 2 and 3. hang on.

mapletreecorner said...

I'm a first time test taker this June and I am sort of depressed knowing how hard it is to go from register to offer.

Keep your head up! I hope we see each other at OA... who knows!