Monday, November 29, 2010

Fry bread is yummy.

My sister cancelled on lunch - too much work to do. Something about a report due and a deadline and everybody was gone for Thanksgiving... Boo! I guess I'm not so ridiculously fun after all for a 25 yr old to have lunch with. Ouch.

But guess who I ran in to while carrying my lunch tray filled with fry bread and wheat berry salad at the Museum of the American Indian? My husband, allowed out for lunch!! He had fry bread too.

What a nice surprise to see him.


Digger said...

My fingers are crossed for you both.

I love fry bread too (but since I am Indian, I think that is a requirement!).

l.b. said...

I want you to know that right now I am totally waiting to hear about your husbands triumphant victory. I keep checking my blogger for an update.

Bfiles said...

me, too!!!

eve said...

me too! and considering how late it's getting and knowing the grueling process of OA, I'm thinking the news is good.

Sara said...

lol I ran into my husband who was on his lunch for the OA. That's funny!