Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OA practice questions

I have been quizzing my husband in preparation for the OA. Would you like to practice too?

Here's a hypothetical question:
You are a consular officer in a country known for its drug violence and corruption. You are on the visa line. In walks a man who subtly claims to have ties to the leading drug cartel. He leans in close and whispers that he wants a ham and swiss sandwich on wheat, with a dill pickle on the side, asap, or else. What do you do?
A.) Give him your own lunch, PB & J will have to do.
B.) Do a sashay and twist with jazz hands to distract him from his demands.
C.) Call security and cry like a baby in the corner.
D.) Document his request for the sandwich (in triplicate), notify your superiors, check the budget for ham money.

Ready for another?

You are a public diplomacy officer accompanying a humanitarian aid mission into the jungle. You are distributing food and medical supplies. You learn that the head of the mission is not really a human at all but a cyborg sent here from another planet to gather samples of primates from the jungle. The cyborg is just about to add a tamarind monkey to a burlap bag. You...
A.) Ask him to verify his mission, then document what he's doing (in triplicate), then call your superiors, asking if there is money in the budget for eradicating false-humanitarian-aid-turned-cyborg-primate-collectors.
B.) Distract the cyborg with a sashay and twist, adding in jazz hands if necessary, freeing all the primates.
C.) Call security, to save the day.
D.) Show him that you could be considered a primate too and jump in the bag. Maybe the planet this cyborg is from could be a cool R&R.

Ok, Obviously, the correct answer to both is the "sashay and twist" answer. My husband is gonna rock this test!!


Emily said...

I think there should be some sort of tear-away clothing to reveal a sequined vest or hot pants.
That would add an element of surprise, distraction and Subtle class.
Just a thought.

I'll Take Mine... said...

Yes, Emily!! That would be perfect! I imagine my husband in the OA, stuffy navy blue suit, he gets to a stumper of a question then... Sha-zam-O! tear-away jacket to reveal sequins and rhinestones. Music start from the speakers. Confused and dazzled, the judges have no choice but to give my husband the perfect score... they all flash score cards of... (I don't actually know what the perfect score is.) We'll say 6.3! Ta- freekin-da!!

Jill said...

Best of luck on his exam. As I've told many a candidate before ... sometimes the right answer doesn't matter as much as showing your conviction for the way you did answer. It's a snap judgement - sure sometimes there IS a right way to do things, but as long as you can back up WHY you did it, that's over half the battle...