Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Might be needing more flash-mob videos to get me through this

I'm going to be needing more videos of "happy."


Little C is just finishing her Zithromax for bronchitis. Fever, cough. School missed. Lousy.

Little S was feeling terrible at school yesterday. The nurse called me. I picked him up at school at 10:45. He has a fever, stomachache, headache, now sore throat. Zithromax for an ear infection. School missed.

I have had a headache on the right side of my head for two days and my ear hurts, plus everybody seems REALLY loud. Would everybody just quiet down, please? I am on Levaquin. (Because I can't have penicillin, or, I'll swell up like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and... die.) Lovely picture, eh? My ear drum is retracted. I said, "huh?" He said, "Sucked in, from all the pressure." Again, lovely picture. And I have a sinus infection.

Three on antibiotics. Two to go.

Also. Since being back in Upstate Freaking New York, the sun has shone for 27 seconds. It has been rainy and cold the remainder. I think I hate it here. Should I apply to work at the tourism center with all my cheery I *heart* NY sentiment?

Really, folks. It'll look better in... (what? the morning? the summer? after Nov. 29?)

Sorry to be a Debbie-downer. And a Wendy-whiner. And a Patty-pathetic.


Camille said...

Sounds like you need to go back to Jamaica :)

Shannon said...

You poor things. I hate ear infections, and really hate dreary cold rainy weather. That was a huge part of the reason I wanted to get out of Germany.

Jill said...

Hope everyone feels better ... in my previous life, before kids, I used to sell Levaquin... I was a drug rep for Ortho-McNeil Pharma. :)

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Daniela Swider said...

Oh, that sucks! Feel better soon!
Did you just get SPAMmed by Home Remedies?

I'll Take Mine... said...

Camille- That would be nice, I wish!

Shannon- It sounds like Germany had lousy weather a lot. I don't envy you being there that time. Not you have hot and ... creepy, crawly.

Jill- Thanks. The drugs should kick in soon. How funny that you used to sell Levaquin.

Daniela- Thanks. And yes, I did get spammed. I think using the drug names brought it on.

A Daring Adventure said...

Oh, honey- bless your heart. ALL of you guys, actually. How difficult!

When I get sick, the very first thing to go - my ears. So I know exactly what you mean. :( I HATE ear infections/issues. And I get them all the time. :(

I hope you guys feel better soon. And that you see the sun.