Thursday, September 9, 2010

A school day and an OA.

School started yesterday. (I may have danced in the kitchen during breakfast to the song "It's a New Day" by (Loved that song after the election!) However, today, I sang, "It's a school day..."

And speaking of dancing... my husband's cousin is a professional dancer who happened to be dancing at the White House on Sept. 7. (How cool is that!!??) The show was broadcast live at and here are my kids watching Michelle Obama introduce the show.

Total dance fans, all of them.
Okay. Sorry. Back to the school-thing. Fifth grade, third grade and first grade. Bright and early.

B, S and C waiting for the bus.
Smile, kiddos, we know you're happy!

The whole family. Awww.
That's a lotta kids.
We have a bunch of kids at our bus stop. B is the oldest. And tallest. He's starting to think he's too cool for pictures.

So, by the end of the day, the report was: The teachers were nice. There were smart boards. Lunch was loud. Friends were found. All seems to have started off perfectly fine. Of course you can never trust the teachers on day one. Teachers are all on their best behavior on day one. Even Darth Vader would act like a nice teacher on day one. But it was a good day.

Then the day got even better.

What? (you say)

Better than smart boards? (I didn't even know what those were. They are like big iPads on the wall.)

Yes, better.

Someone is going to the Oral Assessment again! Cheers. Here's hoping for a higher score. I'll drink a Jamaican Red Stripe to that!


Bryan said...

Congrats on the OA! Just found out yesterday that I made it as well.

I'm finding this process depressingly the same as when I was going through the Specialist application. I really thought that I would be more blase about it and be able to just relax in between each phase, but it is definitely not happening that way.

At each milestone, I have about 10 seconds of feeling really happy, then immediately start worrying about the next thing. This time was no different, I got really excited when I opened the .pdf and saw the first word..'Congratulations' and then thought to myself, "better start studying right now for the OA"

But anyway, don't let me get you down.

Again, congrats! Hope to see you guys in DC soon!

Consular Hopeful said...

That is awesome news. I am wishing you all the best this time around and hopefully a higher score with come your way!!

Bfiles said...

so glad for you guys!

The kids are so cute. So's the whole family!

jamieschip said...

Great minds think alike. I was just about to post on my blog about OA #2, and went to your blog first to see if you posted about it. Congrats... I think. ;) Wishing us (and our husbands) both better luck this second time around.

ForeignObsession said...


and what a beautiful family...

Alex said...


Connie said...

Welcome to the new school year. :) I love the photo of the whole family, lovely!

Daniela Swider said...

Loved the pictures, especially the family one and the one of your hubby with the beer. Congrats on the beginning of the school year (because all moms need a break) and on your hubby advancing to the OA. Best of luck on him getting a higher score this time!!!

International Librarian said...

That is such good news! Thanks for the lovely pictures and have a wonderful, carefree time in Jamaica!

Emily said...

I absolutely think your family is adorable. I hope that you have a great vacation. What an awesome opportunity.

Destinaish Unknown said...

Woop woop!!! Maybe I'll see you all there :-)