Friday, September 17, 2010

Lesson #2 for the week.

We bought a new fridge. We bought the durned thang two weeks ago and finally we have it in our house.

A fridge is heavy. A perfect thing for a family hoping to go into the Foreign Service, no? Maybe I'll start a collection. To add to the cannonball collection. Because we are really a portable family.

Anyway, Sears stinks.

After messing up the delivery, then leaving us with the wrong fridge as a "loaner" for a week, then delaying delivery a few days at a time, they finally got it here. The right fridge. With the doors opening on the correct side. With an ice maker. And they even found the missing door shelf after I ran after the truck as they drove down the street. Ah, Sears. With your 8-4 delivery window...

After getting the new fridge(s) I had to empty the previous fridge(s) and wipe out the new one(s). Then put all my food back in. Fun fun. In an effort to condense the food, I tossed some old condiments and such. Also, I had a HUGE wine bottle with not much wine left in it that I decided was too tall and took up more space than it deserved. I didn't want to waste the wine. But it was only 11:00 am, too early for even me. So I looked around for a container to pour the white wine into... hmm. Yes, perfect. This'll do. Much more room in the fridge now.

Let this be a lesson: (I'm all about lessons this week, eh?) Do not pour white wine into a water bottle labelled with your six-year-old daughter's name on it and put it in the fridge. Just trust me.


Shannon said...

I am so glad you are heading to Jamaica because I think you really need the time to get away and relax.

White wine in the six year olds water bottle....LOL!!!

Emily said...

I am grateful to learn that lesson through you. Thank you.

I hope you guys have a great trip. Jamaican me crazy with jealousy.

Oh, I am really clever.

Bfiles said...

oh no. I take it she just had a swig??
I agree w Shannon- you need a break!

Connie said...

We once had a furniture delivery delayed, a few days at a time. We were being patient, because we knew it was a small family business, but we were sleeping on the floor! However, we were very happy that we had NOT complained when the company called us to finally deliver our things, apologizing for the delay... their driver had died! (I think that's the best/worst excuse for being late I've ever had!)
btw - We collect rocks, and too many books. What is this 'portable' of which you speak?