Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching the Fairy.

Jamaica in THREE days. Nothing packed yet. Haha. Better get on that one soon...

Nothing from B's teacher yet.

This was funny though. B lost a tooth at school yesterday. The nurse gave him a little tooth box thingy to put it in. At bedtime, totally without fanfare, he put it under his pillow.

This morning I went in his room to snuggle him and wake him up for school, but he was already awake and reading in bed. I said good morning and asked how he slept. (Totally forgetting to ask about the tooth.) He looked up from his book and asked me how police dust for fingerprints. I figured he was reading a mystery and explained what I knew of the process.

Then he turned with a sneaky smile and said, "I am going to dust this dollar coin and see if the fingerprints on it match yours or Dad's and prove that there is no tooth fairy once and for all!"

I turned to the coin and smiled and said, "Oh, wow! The tooth fairy came last night, look at that! That's a shiny coin." (As I picked up the coin, turned it over, and admired it.)

He said, "Stop, stop!! You're tampering with the evidence!!"

Ha-ha!! Curses! Foiled again.


Shannon said...

Ha! That is too funny, I love the way boys minds work.

Shannon said...
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Daniela Swider said...

That's pretty cute!

Connie said...

:D Jr CSI guy. Does he like the Encyclopedia Brown series?

Emily said...

How could you mess with the evidence?

That is absolutely brilliant, for both of you.

I'll Take Mine... said...

He's a funny one! Yes, I was accused of deliberately messing with the evidence because I was guilty.

I just feigned surprise.