Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh yeah, well I have a mirror...

Thank you for encouraging me to continue to blog.
I appreciate the reminder that I can write whatever I want.
And that the FS community understands where I'm coming from.
And that this process IS crazy.
And that I am entertaining.
And that without the blog to vent I may get nuttier than my mother-in-law's fruit cake. (She really does make fruit cake and pays a lot to ship that brick at Christmas.)
I made my husband take all three kids to soccer practice last night and I went to the mall. All alone. He asked if I was looking for anything in particular... I just glared at him and he cowered in fear. He sensed I was about to tell him I was looking for my ever-lovin' lost mind at Ann Taylor, I think. Tonight is German-Double-Dose. So, it was good to get out. I played with an ipad in the Apple store. I told the Apple "genius" that he had fabulous eyebrows and he grinned and said "Thank you, I work so hard at them." So, I think I made his week.

Here's a fun little random thing that happens in our house.
Almost daily, either during or after breakfast, my two boys have a kind-hearted (really!) discussion that starts something like this:

B (age 9) : (pointing at S's face) "Pfft, I just blasted your face."

S (age 7) : "No, you didn't because I had up a shield."

B: "No, my blaster can blast through shields."

S: "My shield is made of Titanium."

B: "My blaster is specially made for Titanium shields."

S: "Well, I blasted you at the same time and my blast destroyed your blast in mid-air and my blast was stronger and actually overpowered your blast and turned you to dust."

B: (holding up hand) "I had a mirror up, you just turned yourself to dust."

S: (Looks at me)

Me: (I'm making lunches and laughing to myself. ) "B, that isn't a mirror you have, it's duct tape."

B: "Ohhhhh! Well, I'm made of holograms, so I am not really where you think I am."

S: "Well, I have heat-seaking lasers that find life anywhere it hides."

B: "I am wearing a heat-hiding suit."

I have to say that each verbal exchange is met with, "Ooh, good one..."

Finally it ends with me saying, "Okay, go brush your teeth, I have breath-smelling lasers that can seek out stinky boys."


David said...

That was really funny. I hear the same type of conversations with our two middle boys. Thanks for sharing.

lindsay said...

so my sister and I still do that.

And we're adults. Well, mostly.

Connie said...

Too funny! Yep, my two (boy and girl) do the same type of verbal combat... it's highly entertaining... except when it gets too competitive, then I pull rank and use my mom powers to win (end) the game. Titanium is my son's favorite element. He had to do a report on it and he liked what he learned.

Daniela Swider said...

Good for you for getting a night out just for you! We all need our sanity after all! Loved the boy's conversation bit. Sometimes I wish I had a titanium shield or something cool like that...