Tuesday, April 13, 2010

German elephants in rooms.

Sorry, I got rid of the post about my father's inability to speak the words of he whose name shall not be spoken.
(whisper) *Foreign Service*

I love him. Sometimes love has to be the putty used to fill in the cracks and nail holes of life.

I'll tell you about my dream instead. I was walking between classroom after classroom of German speaking adults. They were all dozing off and looked kind of disheveled and, well, European. They were repeating after the instructor, "Die, Der, Dem, Die, Der, Dem..." (But spoken like in a spooky movie voice.) Then in another room, everyone kept singing Silent Night, in German. Over and over and over. I woke up feeling very tense. My husband just laughed at me when I told him about it. Like *I'm* crazy.

I'm 3 bags behind in my bag-a-day removal plan. Time to start packing out zip-lock baggies, rather than garbage bags. Dang.


LeesOnTheGo said...

I did happen to read your "elephant in the room" post before you took it down. Sorry for your stressful dream (during this stressful time of packing...it's just never easy, is it?). Hopefully before you actually take off there is some opportunity to talk about the elephant-which-shall-not-be-named with your family.

It's tough to live so far apart from extended family and it never really gets easier. But with a little bit of creativity the kids and grandparents can find different ways to stay close. We're all working on it and I'm sure they'll find their own way as well.

Best wishes as you pack up the zip-lock sized baggies. Almost done!

Connie said...

Thanks.. now I'm going to be chanting Die Der Dem for the rest of the day... and I've never studied German.

Shannon said...

Die der dum! Uggghhh! German is impossible! Good luck with the clean out. I start my pre-pack out cleaning in earnest next week, hoping for trash bags full or at least really big zip-locks of trash removed each day.