Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter bunny.

Setting: Easter morning. Kitchen table. Windows slightly open. Birds chirping. Sun dappled through trees.

Five year old daughter (big smiles): "Mama, look at the cute white stuffed bunny that was in my Easter basket this morning!"
Seven year old son: "And I got a bunny in my basket too."
Me: "Wow. Oh, so cute!"
Mother-in-law (looking at me and hubby): "Oh, you put the Easter baskets in their rooms last night?"


Mother-in-law: "...uh, I mean the Easter bunny put the baskets in their rooms..."
Seven year old son (Looking at us): "You are the Easter bunny."
Me (passive-aggressively tapping my hard boiled egg on my plate to crack it while narrowing my eyes at my husband.


Shannon said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing. I'm sorry your mother-in-law let it slip but I love that you are passively aggressively cracking the egg while glaring at the hubs. Can so totally picture that.

Jessica said...

That's terrible and so funny all at the same time! Your poor kids!

Jess (from Lindsey Mae's Blog)

LeesOnTheGo said...

NO WAY!!!! She stole the Easter Bunny from them! Make her fix it. Make her fix it!

(Maybe you should move far, far away. And before Christmas too so Santa doesn't get stolen too).

I double dog dare her to bring up the "FS Question" now that you've got hard boiled eggs in your hand...

A Daring Adventure said...


I would SO have had the biggest cow, right then and there. Okay, maybe five seconds later after I'd shooed the kids out of the house.

fsowannabe said...

Terrible, just terrible. Did you ask her to tell the truth about Santa and Hanukkah Harry, too?

Donna said...

You HAVE to be making this stuff up.

Right there, though, you missed an opportunity to give the egg a good whack and snarl: "And THAT is precisely why we plan to join the Foreign Service and move to Ougadougou."

Connie said...

Our kids know we 'help' the Easter Bunny and Santa... quite a bit actually. They are quite busy, you know, and can really use all the help we can spare - lets them have extra time to take care of kids whose parents don't have the time. :)