Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Real Deal.

Seven year old S. is a funny kid. He's a blond haired, blue eyed funny string bean. He's strong and flexible and he does flips and many chin-ups on the chin-up bar in his bedroom doorway. Sam has recently started gymnastics. The gym has a real boys team. They do rings and bars and there are teens who do the iron cross and have arms bigger than my thigh. Well, close.

Anyway, we were driving to gymnastics today when S. said, "I wish I brought my book on the war."

I asked him if he meant the book on the war of 1812, because I had seen him reading that.

He said, "No, the book on the Vietnam War. I finished the War of 1812 and World War I. I guess I'll just have to count squirrels nests."

"What? You are a kooky kid." I said.

"Mama, this is the real deal. I am up to 400 squirrels nests. I am aiming to get to 600."

He had his eyes on the trees the rest of the way and found 2 more by the time we got to the gym. Grand total 402.
That's a real deal.


Shannon said...

Too funny. My 8 year old counts squirrel nests too and last week was lamenting the coming of spring since the leaves would hide the squirrel nests. I guess he will have to go back to looking at cars.

Connie said...

When we were in Cairo, the kids counted animals - goats, water buffalo, camels, etc. When we were back in the US, it was the 'deer wheelie' signs. We haven't found anything to count in Amman yet ;D I like the sound of a real boys' gym class.