Monday, March 8, 2010


This weekend we had sun. Two glorious days of bright sun. And it's sunny now too. yippee

On Saturday morning I turned on the ipod to Vampire Weekend as we were cooking blueberry pancakes. I looked around the kitchen, and I realized every family member was dancing. Not trying-to-impress-each-other-dancing, or being-goofy-dancing. Just dancing, each happy and content. And it was a nice feeling, to see those three kooky dancing kids and a dancing man with a pancake flipper.

Maybe it was the sunshine. Or maybe the music. Or maybe just a happy family.


LeesOnTheGo said...

Delightful! Sunshine, music, dancing, and pancakes...what a happy combo!

Bryn said...

Those moments are the best!! And good call on Vampire Weekend...we love them!!

Connie said...

Never heard of Vampire Weekend... if it makes you dance in the sunlight with kids and pancakes though, it sounds like a good thing.