Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snowing, again.


Dude. I know you have had snow in DC. I get it. Oooh, big snow. Snowmageddon, snowpocalypse. Well, I live where there is snow for at least six months a year. Not just inches. Feet. Yards. Meters for you international folks out there. I'm thinking here, snow in November? (yup), December (yup), January (yup), February (yup), March (yup), April (yup, sometimes even big storms on April Fools Day).

Last night it snowed big huge flakes. We call them Lake Effect Snow. Wayne Mahar, the meteorologist on the TV news calls them (infuriatingly) "Lake-feck", as in "Well, we have more Lakefeck snow expected." So I shovel and I shovel and today I shoveled some more. And now it's snowing again.

As an aside, I need I new swimsuit this year. Do you know exactly how pale my anglo-saxon legs are after being under-cover with all this Lake-feck? Lets just say, imagine you froze some chicken breasts, then thawed them, then microwaved them. Yeah, that color. My legs are the color of microwaved chicken. Lovely picture, isn't it? Now, who wouldn't be excited to go swimsuit shopping for a Lake-feck suit? Maybe the color of, say, barbecue sauce or ketchup.
Friggin' Upstate NY!


Digger said...

I remember getting really annoyed at the differentiation between regular snow and lake effect snow. Does it still pile up? Do I still have to shovel it? Is the snow plow still going to dump it right back in my driveway?

Why did I volunteer for Estonia again? I already know I don't like snow.

Donna said...

You'll probably get posted to Vladivostok or somewhere cold like that. Just to make you miss NY.

Anonymous said...

That post was hysterically funny!

My children have basically never seen snow... but for a tiny bit when we followed DH to training last year. There was only enough snow to scrape up off the ground and use to make a *tiny* snowman that was smaller than my 10 year old son's hand.

So pathetic!

Crystal said...

You are soooo funny!!! I too am from Lake Effect snow country. The is Lake Michigan, though : ) It is true we had record breaking snow last snow season 08-09. Nobody even mentions us, we keep living and push on, eh?

I say swimsuit shop on Land's End, nice suits and pretty photos of warm weather locations!! It is a slice of escapism. Who can;t use that in a LONG winter~

Brian... said...

The biggest snowstorm I ever experienced involved 5 feet in 2 two days in Colorado. It was wild, but we knew how to handle snow. The thing that made the 2 feet in DC hilarious was that nobody understands snow.

It's like they thought driving around in their cars to gawk at the snow would help make the roads safer. Or carrying an umbrella would protect them. Or that they would need to buy a year's supply of food.

Loved the part about shoveling. That's what kids are for! Every time I go home my dear mother says "Glad you're here...now time to shovel!"

Jen said...

We had almost constant snow cover from October - April during our last year in Reykjavik. It was actually a nice change of pace from the normally slated snow/hail/freezing rain/sunshine/rain that would alternate by the minute. Well, that still happened, but with a ton more snow on the ground.

Now the windstorms that were beyond gale-force and caused our trampoline to rip apart in 50+ pieces...that I could have done without!

Oh, but nothing stopped for snow...though the kids once got out of school for half a day due to high winds.

Anonymous said...

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LeesOnTheGo said...

You absolutely crack me up with the "Lake-feck suit" shopping talk and legs the color of microwaved chicken! Mine too. I went for the ketchup colored suit but maybe bbq would be an interesting way to change things up a little. =)

Great blog!