Thursday, February 4, 2010

On the register. Really.

I went outside to get the mail and it contained a letter from "The United States of America, State Department, Registrar's Office." No, of course I didn't open it. It wasn't addressed to me. But I did call my husband at work to tell him he got a letter. He said, "Open it, open it!" Just to be cruel, I said, "Naw, let's wait. I don't feel right about opening your mail." Knowing that I've been chomping at the bit, he laughed and said, "Very funny, now open it."

"...I am pleased to inform you that your name has been added to the register of those awaiting appointment to the Foreign Service..."

Yippee. That means we have cleared all the hurdles. (And by "we" I guess I mean "he") The written exam, the QEP essays, the oral assessment, the medical clearances, the top secret security clearance and the final suitability review. whew.

But, now, more waiting.

Because now we have to wait for "the call" to join a training class (called A-100). My husband has a decent score, but not out of the park. And although he speaks (or spoke) some German, Japanese and French, he hasn't taken the telephone language test because he thinks he's too rusty. Passing a language would bump up his score, which would raise his position on the register, which would mean a call sooner.

So, we'll wait.

I am hoping the hiring surge continues and that his score is sufficient to get us in.

I think I need to go to the gym now. This nervous energy has to be put to some good use. It's either clean or exercise...and...exercise it is!


Orazie said...


Natalie Buda Smith said...

Congratulations! Yes, the waiting to wait to wait more and then wait more is extremely painful; but a very good experience to prepare you for all the waiting that will come in this new life.

Jill said...

Congrats, congrats! Here's looking towards your future!

FS, here we come! said...

Thanks!! Keeping fingers and toes crossed.

Bryn said...

Have him take the language test even if he thinks he's rusty. I've heard of so many people being surprised at passing the test when they haven't practiced in years. My husband waited to take his test until he was in his A-100 class because he hadn't spoken the language in over 11 years. He passed it with flying colors. Have him take the test and if he doesn't pass, oh'll still be on the register.

Shannon said...

Congratulations! Belatedly of course.