Monday, February 1, 2010


My dog has a weakness for plastic toys. He has eaten action figures left on the floor. Good-bye, Batman! He has eaten pens, he has chewed on markers and rulers. He likes beach toys.

He's a great dog, gentle and kind with the kids. He's well trained and doesn't even bark. But he has an addiction to plastic. So we put away the plastic when he leave him alone. And he's fine. At least he was fine.

Twice now, he has eaten the toilet paper from the bathroom. The entire roll. Tube and all. And it was a new roll of tp. We came down in the morning and there were little scraps on the rug. He looks up all innocent. Who, me? I would never....! Maybe it's his way of telling me he needs more fiber in his diet.


Jen said...

Our dog loved the bathroom wastebasket, socks and cd cases...nothing like those plastic shards everywhere. Good luck with your journey into the FS. We have been in almost 12 years, and it is quite an exciting life.

Foreign Service, here we come! said...

Twelve years?! You're a pro. That's amazing.
Too funny about your dog. Who knows what is going through these animal's heads? Or NOT going through??
Thanks for reading, and for your good wishes.